Training & coaching
I started my own company, BayesCamp, in 2017 to provide training in Bayesian analysis and data visualisation. I also do one-to-one coaching for people who want to build a data science career. The way statistics is taught is changing, and I follow those developments to give the best learning experience. I draw on machine learning and statistics and encourage deep understanding for problem solving. Visit the BayesCamp website to see if there's something that would interest you.

If you analyse data, you need to communicate as well as calculate. I teach the principles of good data visualisation, how it links to good statistics, and how to make visualisations ready for publication, and interactive graphics and maps ready for the web. My book "Data Visualization: charts, maps and interactive graphics" is out on CRC Press, as part of the "Statistical Reasoning in Science and Society" series with the American Statistical Association. BayesCamp does small workshops on specific dataviz tasks.

Bayesian methods give us intuitive measures for complex problems. New software and parallel or cloud computing can provide answers in a fraction of the time. If you're not using Bayes, you're stuck in the past.
I provide training in thinking about Bayesian models, communicating findings, and fitting them in Stan, BUGS, JAGS, R and Stata. You'll find out more over at BayesCamp.

I am a statistician specialising in data visualisation and Bayesian modeling. I provide freelance training courses, and one-to-one coaching to build your data science career. I teach analysts from stats and machine learning backgrounds, visualisation/design people, economists, civil servants, journalists and more. I'm especially interested in helping managers responsible for data science activities who don't come from that background themselves.

I studied mathematics, then medical statistics, then a load of weird Bayesian stuff. I've worked for St George's Medical School, Kingston University, the Royal College of Physicians and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. I've taught at organisations like the Cabinet Office, The Economist, DataCamp, Harvard Medical School, Monitor, University College Cork...

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