Data visualization


    My website showing you how to make stop-frame animations from inside Stata or R. Examples include recreating Hans Rosling's Gapminder, and Animated Ant tucking into a nice pie (chart).

  • Stata2leaflet and Stata2D3
    Commands that take standard graph syntax and produce interactive web pages

  • R2leaflet
    An R function that produces an interactive online map as a web page

  • Pictogram
    An R function that produces an old-school array of icons

  • Stan interactive
    This is a prototype for interactive web browser output from Stan that displays interactive diagnostic plots. Work is ongoing on the design and the program that runs after CmdStan and writes this content. I hope to get it integrated into Stan one day.

  • Slice bivariate densities
    Also known as the Joy Division graph

  • Color matters. Colour is important too. These are the ones I keep going back to: #46b4b4 #2c7a65 #acca56 #296b6b #c0debe #317d7d #d0dddd and (ha ha) #000 #fff, but never the terribly clichéd #4682b4.